Your TOPOI-Account 

Every member and every fellow of Topoi will be provided with an user account to access the services. In Coordination with ZEDAT, the IT-service of Free University, your account can either be integrated into an existing Zedat-account or, if you were never enrolled or employed at FU, independant.

Existing ZEDAT-Account

If you already have an Zedat-acoount, as a student or Professor, your new Topoi account can be integrated into that. That way you can use your ZEDAT username and password to login. Please the form on the right to semd us a request.

"Associated Member"-Account

If you are from external institutions you need an independant account. Normally you will receive the necessary forms from the Topoi Administration at the beginning of your cooperation. If thats not the case please use the form on the right


if you have further questions please contact us

Request for User account

After sending us the filled form you will receive a confirmation mail and further informations about the platform

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